Sunday, March 09, 2008

3 Prints Project: March 9, 2008

I finished my prints this week later than normal -- around 10 PM on Saturday evening. The process is more routine and predictable with only about an hour needed to produce 6 to 8 work prints.

The three I chose this week to share are different but similar. My eye seems to be drawn to the same construction over and over again.

Tree along Branch Road

My Domke bag at a coffee shop

Essa McCloud examining snow


ephoto said...

Steve-- As much as I look forward to your riding pictures and stories I have to admit the 3 Prints project has caught my interest. Even if they don't have anything to do with the Vespa.

Do you have plans to shoot while you are riding too?


Anonymous said...

Great shots! Looking forward to more.

mitch said...

There is a theme in your pictures. Even in your color work with the scooters. You set up these lone and solitary shots.

I like em!

BTW: I shoot with a Leica too but nothing like what you are doing. It's cool that you find so much so close. I need to rethink things.


Andre from Richmond said...

I'm curious about your cameras. Do you worry about vibration damaging them while riding? These obviously, or maybe weren't made during riding trips but I know you shoot a lot while riding.

The Leica seems so expensive to be risking that way.

Love the pix by the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if you could post a more in-depth description of how you actually do this work? It seems like a lot to push into a week when you work full time. As much as I would like to do this I don't see how it would be possible for me.

Thanks for posting all this. I'm not a scooter rider but do love the pictures.

Steve Williams said...

ephoto: As I ride more I will be bringing the 3 Prints Project along with the Vespa so you will most likely see the scooter more and more in that body of work.

mitch: I have used a Leica for many years working exclusively in black and white. For Scooter in the Sticks I was shooting digitally so that I could post images quicker.

I am always drawn to solitary images.

Andre: I worry about the effects of vibration and try and cushion the cameras carefully with padding. So far everything is fine. Time will tell.

anonymous: I have it on my to do list to post more careful descriptions from time to time on the photo process I go through. Good question.

Matua said...

G'Day Steve,
Thanks for the comment to my "Leaving on a jet plane..." blog on my website.

Thanks, too mate, for the support!
Peace & Smiles,