Monday, March 24, 2008

3 Prints Project: March 24, 2008

I wanted to skip the project this week. The desire to not shoot two rolls of film, mix developer, process the film, and make prints just seemed overwhelming. Even though I had the camera with me it took an act of self-will to shoot this week. Maybe it was a hectic schedule at work. Or more likely me shifting from slow to slower to stop. What ever it was I had to drag myself along.

I’ve felt the same about riding. Not just to work but riding in general. Sure, the weather isn’t all that great but it’s certainly reasonable weather. This morning I forced myself out the door on the Vespa. It was colder than I thought and I had to stop to put on a ski mask under my helmet. The temperature reading on the Vespa as the sun crept over the ridge was 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m glad I forced myself out the door to ride and I’m glad I forced myself to shoot the film. I felt good once I was on the road and the same for the darkroom. My old brain is really good at convincing me I should take the easy road – in this instance drive the truck to work and skip the pictures. I can easily convince myself that the ride will be lackluster and the pictures insignificant. But you know what? None of that matters. Taking the ride, shooting the pictures, that’s what matters and that is what will feel good at the end of the day. I sure am ready for warmer weather though.

Here are the prints for this week.

Essa posing as a fine, soft snow falls

Sumac at intersection

Collection of winter debris and stuff in the deer den


matt~ said...

Steve, the picture of Essa is particularly fine. The trees in the background provide a nice balance to the frame.

Pvino said...


Maybe a break will rejuvenate your desire to scooter and take those fantastic pictures. A break would be a good thing. Unfortunately you u do not have an understudy to assist in this effort. I do find myself unable to put on the gear and go out for a ride..seems to find myself at the slowest ever on riding, I have been off my scooter for over month but I do go into my garage to start her up and relish the thought.

Conchscooter said...

I think sometimes one tends to lose sight of the goal. Riding the Vespa and publishing pictures is supposed to be fun. If it isn't fun I'm not sure what the compulsion should be. Self flagellation?

The Snark said...

Nice picture of the dog. I envy your "eye".

Steve Williams said...

matt: Thanks Matt. Essa is a fine subject in soft light and as she gets older she holds still longer for a picture.

pvino: I always have to be careful to differentiate breaks from my tendency to avoid things. I can tell I don't need a break at the moment because the resistance has passed quickly, usually a sign that I didn't need a break.

I've been getting my riding fire back. It's still dark out but by the time I finish breakfast and take the dog out it will be light. Temperature is 21 degrees right now and that doesn't seem to bother me so something is kicking in!

conchscooter: You bring up an interesting point about things being fun. Rather than elaborate here I think you've triggered a post of its own. I'll see about getting that ready for later in the week. Thanks for the idea!

snark: Thanks!

irondad said...

Thinking of the immediate "tasks" is like riding and looking two feet ahead of the front tire. Simply pull your eyes up and look farther ahead. Amazing how the picture changes!

Pvino said...

Good to hear that it was a inhibitory moment of thought and not really a deep physical reflection. I still find myself wanting to go out ride and take pictures. Logging a 35mm around my neck sometimes can be a bit daunting but I do so. By the wired looks of other drivers I often wonder what going through their minds on the picture. :)

Dan said...

Ditto what a lot of people have said about the shot of Essa.

That photo makes me miss shooting and developing my own film.

Timothy said...

Oh Man, I sure can relate to that feeling--at my age, at this date, in this everlasting winter....
I'm really impressed when you or I or anyone forces oneself to get up and get going, and you're right, none of us usually regrets it in the long run.