Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Riding in a Winter Respite

Stepping outside in the dark this morning to take the dog out got my tail wagging too. It was warm! A balmy 39° F. Who cares if it was dark and raining because after many days of ice and sleet and freezing rain the weather spirits opened their arms to the commuting rider.

It was a wet, damp ride but just felt good to be on the road.


Joeri Cox said...

Hello Steve,

First of all, thank you so much for your blogging work. I really, really enjoy each and every post of yours. They make me enjoy life and especially my surroundings, the things we'd usually take for granted. Everything on Earth is a gift, and your posts remind me of that.

Now, on to business :-). How long's your daily ride to work? I keep seeing different work-home-ride-related pictures and surroundings, I'm just wondering what kind of commute yours is.

Thanks again,

Heinz & Frenchie said...

Hope the weather does not change and freeze the rain. Love hearing about your adventures on the Vespa.