Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The (Potential) High Cost of Riding

Various views of John's skull

My friend John underwent another surgery on his leg yesterday, a bone graft to fill a piece of bone that was missing as a result of his motorcycle accident last October. The surgery went well and to his surprise was an outpatient procedure. John's recovery has been slow and frustrating at times but he is coming around. I know a lot of you have asked or wondered how he has been doing and when a recent dispatch arrived from John the other day I thought it would be a good time to share it. All the pictures displayed in this post are courtesy of John.

I also thought it serves as a good reminder to anyone venturing out on two wheels to do so with open eyes and be aware of the potential risk and that each of us should do what we can to manage them. And accidents are just that -- accidents.

John is a serious rider putting thousands of miles on his BMW. He's seen below just before departing for New Mexico on an Iron Butt ride.

Always the comedian he is pictured below with his new ride.

Anyways, if you want to read John's latest dispatch that he prepared and distributed in a Microsoft Word document you can download it HERE.

I must warn you that it is graphic in its display of his injuries. John retells the medical story of his stubborn leg wounds and treatment complete with color photos, X-rays, the works. But mixed in throughout the story is his humor and indomitable spirit.


Bryce said...

I had to smile...
John's essay is labeled

Wound . doc, yes a document in MS word. ie WOUND docTOR..

Winter is too long this year, and wat too much snow, like three feet on the ground and more coming.

And everything including side streets
and other less travelled routes
frozen solid.

What may be described as an old
fashioned winter

pitchertaker said...

You'd think what with all that work done one John, the docs would have made him prettier. I guess they can do only so many miracles medically. Good to see him standing beside his ride rather than riding it.


Heinz & Frenchie said...

Thanks for the update on John's progress. We look forward to hearing about him and wish him continued healing.

Conchscooter said...

Makes my Maxima (with seatbelt) awfully attractive.

Steve Williams said...

bryce: John definitely has a sense of humor and I'm sure it helps as he goes through this medical nightmare.

Winter is too long! I am getting more and more stir crazy when it comes to riding. The windows of opportunity are almost non-existent this year. I fear for my battery since I can't ride like I did last winter.

Was planning to ride this morning and the forecast now shows freezing rain and sleet on the way. I see it on the radar.

Oh well...

pitchertaker: I bet those miracles cost extra....*grin*

heinz & frenchie: I'm sure John appreciates the warm wishes.

conchscooter: I bet. And it would take a lot to make a Maxima attractive!

gwadzilla said...


I try not to think about it

the bike is man powered for me
but the risks are the same