Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Frozen Grand Central Station

(also available on YouTube)

My friend Frank Armstrong sent an email with a link to a happening at Grand Central Station in New York. While it doesn't have anything to do with riding it is a curious example of how slight changes in the day can create a stir.

For more details on this event check out FROZEN GRAND CENTRAL on the improv everywhere blog.


kitkatknit said...

A friend of mine sent me that link to Frozen Grand Central Station. I loved it!

Sarch said...

How cool was that!? Wow! Is it poor "blogger etiquette" to ask if you mind if I post that video on my blog? I'll give you credit of course.

beemerchef said...

Hey thanks!!! Don't ask me why... but I love it!!!
Be well... Ara & Spirit

Steve Williams said...

kitkatknit: It's just surreal to see that happen in such a large area of people. Like science fiction...

sarch: Feel free to post it!

Ara: Anytime I see something slow down I feel good.

Pat Spirit on the head for me!