Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Institutional Risk

I saw this video for Central Institute in Australia this morning. Recruiting students is serious business at educational institutions and the approach and manner in which this is done varies wildly. Central commissioned two former students to make a video that would speak to potential students. Time magazine calls it "perhaps the best technical school recruiting video ever.".

It's definitely different than anything I've seen in the recruiting world and I can't imagine the conversations with school officials that must have transpired to get it approved. Vomit, curse words, beer and death are topics not usually associated with schools trying to attract new students.

Risk. Is it part of success?


Charlie6 said...

an "interesting" ending to an interesting approach to getting the attention of today's youth.


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Adam said...

I guess to get cut through these days you've got to push the boundaries. Especially with this digitally native audience

Mark Myers said...

I thought it was pretty clever and would work well as a recruiting tool, until the ending which was just gross.

Steve Williams said...

Charlie6 (dom): It's not unusual in the general culture of films but sure is different in the university recruiting world. I wonder if we'll see more odd things like this?

Steve Williams said...

Adam: I love your description of a "digitally native audience". That's perfect. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Mark Myers: The ending was definitely over the top. Not sure what I think about it yet.

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