Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roll 522

Like clockwork I parked my Vespa last Sunday morning across from the library and walked over to Saint's Cafe to show Gordon my three prints of this week.  The trip to the ER didn't dissuade me from the darkroom though more than a few inquiries about stress have me wondering if the self-induced pressure of shooting, processing and printing isn't just another straw on my back.

The prints fit nicely into the Givi topcase.  Glad I got it.

Another Saint's regular, violinist Carl Ector, sits outside Saint's with his coffee enjoying the fine spring morning.  Looks like I might be photographing his musical group at some point in the future.  I'm with the band!

Gordon examines me for signs of imminent collapse.  Feeling well enough to ride the Vespa into town and brave the rising heat I assured him I was ok.  For now.  And added that I had prints and an ER visit.  Where were his?

I've been suggesting for awhile now that Gordon get a motorcycle or scooter and have quietly shared how amazing it is to ride.  Last week sent me an email saying he found the registration papers for a Harley Davidson that he didn't know his father owned before he was born.  Over the past few months he's talked about riding and I almost thought I had him until he shared this comment from his daughter:

"You already look like a biker dad.  You don't need a motorcycle."

Oh well, looks like photography will continue.

Here's the take from last week.  Rushed as usual.  Process late Saturday afternoon, print Saturday evening, wonder why the prints are damp on Sunday morning.

Shot one roll of Ilford HP5+ and processed it in TMAX developer. [YOU ALL KNOW YOU CAN CLICK ON THESE IMAGES TO SEE THE BIG VERSIONS RIGHT?]

Junior during a Saturday morning walk through Boalsburg.  He's getting to the point when he sees me raise the camera he sits down.  It's a problem sometimes when I want him standing.  We're working on it.

Shot this same thing with the iPhone earlier in the week. I think I like the black and white image better.  Wish I wasn't so rushed to print so I could get a little more from the negative.  Rushing.  I have to look at the stress component some more.

 Shooting with the iPhone is so easy and engaging in a way that's hard to describe.  I've been shooting a lot with it but have failed to post much here.  This quasi-riding/dog picture was made last week with the iPhone using the Camera+ app.

Haven't ridden the Vespa since Sunday evening.  Have an appointment with the doctor in the morning and am uncertain if I should show up riding or in the truck.  Don't want to tempt him to say, "Don't ride for awhile."

I suppose I'm open to whatever is going to happen...


Charlie6 said...

I say ride the Vespa to the doctor's appt! Hope all turns out well after you see him.


Redleg's Rides

Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

If I were you, I'd stop buying green bananas, start eating dessert first, and get the BMW of your choice. Then I suggest taking a moderately long ride, say to Bloomsburg, to take the cure. If this whole thing turns out to be gas, you'll have lost nothing.

I liked the first travel trailer picture on the contact sheet. I have no idea why. Regarding the shot of Junior in the motorcycle parking spot, do you think the dog is trying to tell you something?

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Chip said...

I say, keep riding the Vespa (or a BMW if you choose to do so). If it helps relieve the stress, it can only be a good thing.

Take care Steve and don't forget to keep popping those pills!

David Masse said...

I think riding is much less stressful than driving particularly the Vespa. Got my fingers crossed for the outcome at the doctor's. I like the shot where Junior seems to be defying gravity, where he seems to be listing leftward (unless the world has a tilt where he was sitting). As usual, nice photos.

Low Buck Rider said...

After riding for the first time in a week, the scoots been down, I can honestly say that riding is good for you and should be prescribed. I with Jack on the pic of the Bambi.

bobskoot said...


I too am feeling more mortal these days. It's like I have to squeeze more of life's adventure into the next few years. The little aches and pains of the past are no longer dismissed and we have to listen to their warning signs and take appropriate action.

I hope you come through unscathed, get that Beemer and head WEST. Memories are better than dreams

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

Digital is fantastic, instant gratification and a pocket camera does amazing stuff in the palm of your hand.
Stress is anxiety not deadlines. Deadlines are good, satisfying but anxiety isn't .

bobskoot said...


OK, between you with your iPhone camera and Mr Conch with his new iPAD I realized that my old phone was not up to the task. So now I am a member of your exclusive Apple club with my new iPhone4. I am using Photoforge2 and HDRPro. so far I like it.

All I have to do now is find a spot in the forest and pose my bike like you do, and I am set.

Riding the Wet Coast

Brady said...

After my recent 'incident' I drove the bike to the neurologist's office. I thought I might take the same shit, but we wound up talking about his '69 R90s. I nearly evacuated my bowels with excitement. Did I mention an airhead is going to be my next bike.

Do what you like.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Steve Williams said...

Charlie6: I did ride the Vespa to the doctor on Wednesday morning but not much more. Feel like crap right now but I think I have the flu. Very typical symptoms.

Hate being sick. So much I want to do.

Steve Williams said...

Dear Mr. Riepe: I often eat the dessert first. In fact I make it the main course with side dishes of cheese curls and bacon. I think it may be contributing to some issues. Thanks for the advice though.

Junior isn't telling me about motorcycles. If anything he's directing me to sell the Vespa so I can afford to buy two new cars. Kim and I always keep our cars forever, until they can no longer meet the safety requirements. What are the chances that both cars expire at the end of this month??


Oh well, it's only money.

We test drove a Honda Fit for Kim. Nice car. The BMW K1600 GTL had a lot more horsepower.

Steve Williams said...

Chip: I will keep riding!

David Masse: The past couple times I rode I was very aware of how calming it can be to fly down the road.

Junior does defy gravity!

Steve Williams said...

Low Buck Rider: That little trailer was a curious subject in town. If I had more time I would have made more pictures.

Glad you are back on the road.

Ara & Spirit said...

Ride. I was told not to ride a week before my biopsy, I did not, I was a mess! Get well will you... live the moment, that is all we got! Ara & Spirit

PS: I think you should come and live with us a while... best cure for the past almost 5 years! :-)

motorcycle battery said...

This is my first time reading your blog, and I love it! I grew up in PA, near Pittsburgh. Just reading your blog makes me miss it, it's such a great state! I'm interested in reading more of your posts. The coffee shop "Saints" looks really awesome. Where is it located? Is the owner a New Orleans Saints fan? I see the picture with the fleur-de-lis hanging on the wall. So, it must be they are fans. Despite that, it still seems like a cool place! Thanks for sharing!

Conchscooter said...

I dread asking this question but: Are you okay?