Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kick Starting the 3 Prints Project

Some of you might have wondered what has happened with the 3 Prints Project. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my dog has been eating my prints, there was a storm, no a flood, a tornado, locusts, it's not my fault that I haven't been shooting any film.

Well, I have shot some but have not ventured into the darkroom. Summer is a busy time for me and I just haven't had time. And once I step away from the routine I am one difficult boy to get back in gear. But Gordon and I have continued to meet almost every Sunday morning and I am ready to start up again. So perhaps this time next week there will be more real live silver prints. None of this digital nonsense...

It is nice to take the scooter out on a sunny morning for a short ride. This one to the Pump Station is really short since it is less than a mile from my house. But after photo talk, bagel, juice, tea and a scone I had plans for a short ride before tackling some garden work.

No Vespa pictures on the ride. As lovely as things were the sunshine leaves me cold photographically sometimes. I did marvel at this lone tree though. I have a lot of lone tree pictures.

This evening I had to ride into town and parked in this lovely Motorcycle Only space. Not usually my first choice of parking in town but always nice to have. And on a Sunday afternoon there are few machines to crowd me.

All that's left to do this evening is drop my Ford Ranger off for the Pennsylvania Safety Inspection. The last time my truck visited the mechanic it cost me $2800 dollars. I expect to get off cheap this time!


Dave Gray said...

Sounds like Joliet Jake Blues to his jilted bride (Carrie Fisher) If that is the reference, can we see the puppy dog eyes,too?

Bryce said...

No family pet to eat the prints so that excuse is by the board.
The Leica is not an excuse, rather the reason (as much as a D700) (and I really like my D90 BTW).

However a cool basement darkroom (in my case) processing film, hanging in the drying cabinet, then later doing the enlarger bit; that is the way to spend the warm summer days or evenings.

So where in town (assume State College) is the motorcycles only parking. And your State Inspection is it by your birth date or the
delivery date of the truck? Yearly
or every two years?

At $2800 it might be cheaper to repair than replace.

My rule of thumb, if the vehicle costs more to keep alive beyond normal oil and filter by 35 percent of the original retail cost, its time to look for something different. So far with the ten year old Honda Civic, nothing anywhere close, more like 12 percent, timing belt and water pump last year.

Rui said...

Hello Steve many months I dont speack whit you, just to say hello, and to give this notice, I change my suzuki GS 500 by a vespa LX 125 and I think I am love the change.
Rui Oliveira

irondad said...

Digital nonsense? Aaargh! I'm just starting to even know what f-stops, ISO settings, and so on actually mean. You will always be the photographic guru compared to me.

Looks like you're the only one of the three who knows which end of a bike goes into a parking spot first.

For what it's worth, our 20 year old cat passed away last week. I find myself still looking outside for her.

Steve Williams said...

Dave Gray: I'm not sure I want to rely on my puppy dog eyes. Jake has some real power under those shades!

Bryce: I certainly have plenty of excuses for not shooting or working in the darkroom. But truth be told it does not take long before I miss it. Inertia is my problem and hard to overcome. Once I'm moving though it's smooth sailing.

State College has five free motorcycle parking areas that I know of. It's nice, they are spread all over town, and there is always a convenient FREE place to park. It's one of the only times the Vespa gets to hang out with real motorcycles....

The State Inspection is a once a year affair. Not sure how they work the motorcycles but my car and truck are on the same schedule as my vehicle registration. On the Vespa there is a 3 month difference.

I got off cheap with the truck this year ---$212. Only $60 were related to the inspection, the rest was an oil change and unfreezing the spare tire system underneath the bed. It was rusted up and I lost the locking key. Never knew I needed one. A good slide hammer removed it and now I am lock free should anyone want to steal my spare tire.

Steve Williams said...

Rui: Congratulations on the switch to the Vespa LX125. Nice scooter. I certainly understand the attraction of these machines.

irondad: Film cameras have F-stops and ISO selectors too you know. I guess I spoke (wrote) hastily about my digital angst. Writing now with my hand on my heart I do love the digital workflow. I would not attempt professional work in any other way.

HOWEVER, there is an elegance or process in film and a richness in silver prints that I really enjoy. For much of my non-Vespa personal work I still am drawn to it. But it does take a toll on time and money and patience. And digital hangs there with its tongue out taunting my Leica and Mamiya cameras. And I feel like giving in and sending them to eBay at times.

Like right now. I should be processing film but instead Kim and I are going to watch an Inspector Linley Mystery....

Your pictures are noticeably sharper and better composed by the way. That training is paying off. I've got my eye on you.

Steve Williams said...

irondad: I'm sorry for the loss of your cat. 20 years is a fine age. Like 100 for you and I. In another life before Kim and I got together I had cat-- 7 all told -- and they were amazing. I remember each of them fondly all these years later. My life is richer because of all the pets I've had.