Saturday, May 12, 2007

Serial Tableau --- Saturday Morning Ride

Inspired by a comment on Rush Hour Rambling...

65 miles, fair weather.


Gary said...

Okay, I think I understand what your are saying here. What I am saying is...


That life-in-motion shot and the one of the turkeys crossing that incredible road really got my attention!

I can't wait to ride my GTS up-north! Thanks for the inspiration, Steve.

Ride well,

P.S. Those words, "my GTS"... feels so good to finally type that.

Steve Williams said...

Thanks Gary. The wild turkeys were a serendipitous event. I stopped to admire the curves in the road and they just showed up. And it is spring turkey gobbler season too! Passed a lot of hunters in chamo with chamo rifles looking grim. They probably weren't seeing any turkeys.

Congratulations on your new GTS. They are incredible little machines in my opinion. And how can you go wrong with Vintage Red?

I'm really looking forward to seeing and reading what you do with the new scooter and to learn what I'm missing myself. You always find new inspirational paths!

Bill Sommers said...

I see you slept in.

Wow, you can say quite a bit with pictures.

I love your neighborhood. It looks as though it was created just for using as a backdrop for your Vespa. Thanks for the ride.

Have fun,

Crusty's Advise.... said...

as the old saying goes....a picture is worth a thousand words! Great Stuff!-Crusty

CodyandMichelle said...

I never saw wild turkeys until we bought our lot up in NC. But then again i didn't see any sharks or dolphins up in NC lol.
Your area does look tailor made for the Vespa as Bill states. Another reason I look forward to our move out of FL. Plus our 2 month trip up to MI & NC this Summer ,trailering our Vespas, we will be doing alot of back country road touring. Can't wait!!
I took Michelle out for her BD last weekend and took some photos of our dinners, got that idea from you! Kind of goofy, but who cares. Maybe I'll post them on my blog.

Combatscoot said...


Steve Williams said...

bill: Yeah. I'm finding it harder and harder to get up early. I'll work on that.

crusty, john: Thanks for the kind words on the pictures!

cody: It is a really nice area for riding. I imagine North Carolina will be too.

Post those pictures!

Kathy said...

Hey Steve: Loved the pictures, I am originally from State College and remember Tussy Mtn and Whipple Dam fondly from childhood. Fog is also familiar and a regular part of the weather here in coastal Maine, where we now live. I also recall those thunderstorms rumbling down the valley - very much a part of summer in central PA. We are considering a scooter and glad to have found you on the web.