Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quick Ride, Quick Breakfast

Ferns are unfurling and spring plants in bloom. I hate to admit it but I would rather be at home with Kim and the dog working in the garden. I haven't put the Vespa away for the season though but I do hear more competing voices in my head this time of year. Getting up early always allows for a quick ride to some breakfast destination.

My friend Paul hadn't come outside to play yet when I arrived at his house. His Harley-Davidson Fatboy was still under wraps. Didn't take long to fire it up and make a decision to head north to the Sunset West Restaurant for breakfast. As any experienced rider knows there are two routes to any destination; the route you take when you are driving and the route you take when you are riding. They are not equal in time or distance.

This morning's route took us along Spring Creek and through Fisherman's Paradise. Nice place to stop and look around but with an empty stomach and waiting garden we rode on to Sunset West.

While waiting for breakfast to arrive Paul was showing off a new cell phone that he got from Europe. I was trying to remember to make an elegant portrait of the food presented much in the same manner that Gary Charpentier does on Rush Hour Rambling.

The results seem to indicate a lack of respect for food on my part. I eat first and ponder what happened later. Or never. I'll keep after the food portraits.

After breakfast Paul was headed to the local Harley dealer while I was making a beeline home. Like a bee I had to buzz around for a few more pictures stopping to admire the open road and yet another lone tree along a ridge.

Now I am ready to get to work.


gary said...


VERY nice photos.

Ride well,

Gina Marie said...

Stacy and I biked (bicylcle, no motor) through Fisherman's Paradise the other night. Really something special back in there that I can't really find words for. I love watching the fisherman casting their flies.

I think it's funny that you only think to take a picture of the food after you've eaten it. This is not the first time you've commented about that. I love to take pictures of my food, especially if it's unusal or exotic. OR -- if you just KNOW it's really going to taste good.

Bill Sommers said...

You can call it "The empty plate review".

I have to ask. Is this really the season to put your scooter away?

Have fun,

Anonymous said...

great article and pictures. I find myself that riding even a little has a therapuetic effect.

Gardening seems like a logical extension.


Jack in Bellefonte said...

Fisherman's Paradise is a wonderful place. I don't ride but am an avid trout fisherman.

Next time let's see some pictures of the stream, preferably with fisherman holding prize winning fish!

Jack in Bellefonte

Granny said...

Nice blog. Great photos. I rode a Vespa when I was in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone: 1963. Awesome machine.

muz-zone said...

hey...i came across your blog and i liked what i read....and now im gonna ask you probably the dumbest question ever...does the the lx 150 have a push -start ignition or isit the old fashioned kick start???

irondad said...

If the ride is solely intended as a breakfast run, my to and from routes are different. Like you, I am up early and off to eat. Meandering along enjoying the mornng is a great appetizer. If I'm with a companion I tend to linger over conversation. This also has a direct impact on the coffee consumption.

The upshot is that the ride home is a lot more direct! Never really been a fan of pictures of food. The empty plate shots are more of an "after the action" scene. Come to think of it, an empty plate is a lot more convincing advertisement for the food than a full plate.

Steve Williams said...

bill: I don't think I will be putting the scooter away. Just feeling the pull of competing interests now that I don't when it's cold.

muz-zone: The LX150 has a kick start but you can't push start it because of the automatic transmission. The GTS doesn't have a kick start at all. It has gone the way of most motorcycles now with electric start only.

CodyandMichelle said...

Spring,Summer,Fall....ride often, Winter, I don't think so. Yet you seem to keep going through it all, now that's dedication!