Sunday, May 27, 2007

Foggy Sunday Morning

At 5:30 AM Kim asked me if it was foggy outside. Fog is almost always a sure bet to get me out of bed but today she had to ask twice. By 6:00 AM I was on the road in a damp 60° F fog. Riding was slower than normal due to the almost immediate fogging of my visor when it was down and my glasses when it was up. I forgot to pack the handkerchiefs I normal bring just for this reason. I watched closely for vehicles that might run up behind me but there wasn't any traffic at this time of the morning. There was an seemingly endless supply of subjects and landscapes calling to my camera. Here are a few of the images I made during the ride.

Almost everything that is ordinary in clear weather takes on new life in the fog. I've passed this dirt lane many times without giving it a second look. Today it led somewhere special.

Farther up the lane was this island of trees. If I figure out who owns this property I might ask permission to explore more closely.

Every crossroad, fence, and field looked great. I am still amazed that everyone is still asleep during the best time of the day. I saw the first vehicle while making this picture. That was 40 minutes after I left the house.

On the way up through Blackhawk Gap I stopped to photograph a few Vespa admirers. You can see one just above and to the left of the scooter.

Rural, Brown Swiss heifers and Vespa admirers.

A stop in Bellefonte to sit in the park and eat the breakfast I packed.

One of the statues in front of the Bellefonte courthouse. I sat on the bench in the background to eat and watch Bellefonte wake up. It was still pretty much asleep when I left.

On the way home as the sun just begins to burn through the fog. We have a lot of fantastic roads for leisurely riding here and they just go on and on north into New York, south into Maryland and West Virginia, east into New Jersey and west into Ohio.

By the time I got home the sky was blue and the sun was heating things up. A quick stop at the store for mild and then home to post this entry and then relax and work in the garden.


Bill Sommers said...

What an absolutely great way to start the day.

Have fun,

pitchertaker said...

Them thars nice lookin' hefers, son.


antonio said...

I like it! early bird catch the beauty fog..hope i could get up early tomorrow!

Giest said...

Just played catch up with your blog. I was a tad Love those fog shots, very mystical...haunting.

Giest said...

Oh, and it's good to see that you have settled in nicely with the new Vespa. Seems like you have become quite comfortable with it now.

Gary said...

Our Holsteins here in MN/WI aren't nearly as cute as those. THAT was a gorgeous photo!

As were they all... really nice work here, Steve. You live in Wonderland.

Ride well,

Susan said...

One of the few things I miss about living in Gaithersburg MD. The long windy drives on old 2 lane roads to anywhere. I'd love to redo them on my GT200L!

irondad said...

How far from you is Bellefonte? What a neat place!

Steve Williams said...

bill: Indeed! Early morning riding is great.

Pitchertaker: Thanks! I have a feeling that my new job will be bringing me in front of a lot of them.

antonio: As nice as sleeping is it isn't worth missing the light and fog at dawn.

giest: The GTS is superb. I have nothing but praise for this amazing scooter.

gary: Thanks! I'll have to find some Holsteins to photograph next.

susan: Old two lane roads are where the scooters shine the brightest.

irondad: I am about 15 miles from Bellefonte. I need to explore more there.

SimplyTim said...


Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a few comments. I posted comments to both of them.

I agree with the certain something of early morning freshness. I'm breathing it in even now as I think of it.


Combatscoot said...

I really like fog, too. It's especially enchanting in the mountains. I haven't been to the mountains in a long time. (sigh)

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lookin for life said...

Your stories and photos have inspired me to get my own scooter. Thanks

gary said...

Steve said: "Thanks! I'll have to find some Holsteins to photograph next."

No, don't! Do you want to put me off hamburgers forever? I love beef, it's my favorite food. But if I knew that the beef was coming from something as adorable as those Brown Swiss heifers, I don't think I could partake.

That camera of yours is a dangerous weapon!

Ride well,