Monday, April 16, 2007 - Scooter Internet Radio

Since I am going to talk about me… I figured this would be the time to post one of the portraits my friend Paul Ruby has made of me during our rides. He says I never use them and he’s right. I explain why in the recent Podcast I was part of. One of the things I have thoroughly enjoyed as a moto-blogger (someday I hope to be able to bear the title of journalist but I have a long way to go on that count) is that I have crossed paths with so many other passionate riders, writers, photographers, and enthusiasts. Dave M at (read that Scootercast dot com) is just one of those passionate people. I had the recent privilege of being interviewed for one of his podcasts. You can listen here to Episode 6, Part One. Just click the PicklePlayer or iTunes icon in the right-hand navigation.

Dave is a great interviewer and made the entire experience a pleasure. Check out his site at He has a cool tool to leave voicemail on his site that he may incorporate into a Podcast. If you get the chance to do an interview with Dave you should grab it!

Thanks again Dave for letting me talk to you and your listeners.

Paul Ruby made this picture of me not long after buying the GTS. Just getting the feel of things.


David said...

Many thanks to you Steve. It was a true pleasure speaking with you. I only hope we did justice to you in conveying your wealth of knowledge, passion for riding and the reward of making a connection with others who share your interests.

Bill Sommers said...

Steve, I'm really excited about what Dave is doing. As it turns out in one of those "It's a small world" situations, Dave and I share Port Angeles as our home town. And as a homie, I'm proud of what he is doing for the scooter culture.

I hope to catch up with Dave in June when he makes it back for a visit.

Have fun,

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

The show was great.
Ilook forward to listening my way through the previous podcasts, almost as much as I look forward to hearing part 2 of your interview. Hopefully Dave will be podcasting for years to come!

Congrats on another feather in your helmet!

Honky-Tonk Dragon

hrw115 said...

It was cool to hear the interview. I like how dynamic some of the ways talking about scooters has become. I like the idea of the photo challenges too. I hope that DaveM can continue his efforts and I look forward to hearing the next podcast. :)

Crusty's Advise.... said...

Great Interview Steve. I like how motorcycle/scooter blogs are expanding with the addition of podcasting. Keep up the good work! -Crusty The Biker

Lucky said...

An odd question for you: is Paul Ruby the Paul Ruby of tube-amplifier-building fame?

Timothy Archibald said...

oh, by the way as i'm digging thru it...great great got it all working, in words and images.
i'm digging it...


Paul Ruby said...

Hi. Although I grew up in western PA, Im not the same Paul Ruby who took the picture. :)

- Paul Ruby
(of Paul Ruby Amplifiers)