Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Riding in Wet Fog

This past Monday morning presented a dense, wet fog for my ride to work. A few hundred yards down the road water was already dripping off my riding gear, helmet visor and the scooter. The limited visibility required careful attention to the road surface, other traffic, and whitetail deer that seem to appear out of nowhere.

I left for work before traffic got heavier and the other vehicles on the road traveled at lower than normal speeds in deference to the fog. If I had more time I would have ventured farther out to shoot pictures. Even the most ordinary places appear magical. I turned off into a park not far from where I live to look at the trees and wishing I had more time to prowl the landscape with my camera.

I swung around south of town to prolong the ride a bit before work. Familiar roads and places were transformed into brand new landscapes. Had I given in to photographic desire I would have been taking pictures until the sun finally burned off the fog but an 8AM meeting kept me moving.

I did pull off one last time to look down the road. I never seem to tire of the image of a road disappearing in the distance. It kindles my imagination of rides yet discovered.

Snow looms in the forecast for tomorrow. I swear it's the same forecast that caused my questionable riding in snow a few weeks ago.


Bill Sommers said...

One thing that I keep with my scooter is one of those bright orange safety vests that the road department uses. On those foggy, drizzly days, I'll wear it over my jacket to give myself a bit more visibility for the coffee swilling cagers.

And I wonder why it is that those darn deer seem to find scooter riders as someone that they want to meet? Usually broadside.

Have fun,

Paul said...

sfw: you are doing a lot of photography now. the bottom one (foggy-road.jpg) is my favorite. it is very simple and peaceful. i hope the transistors in your new fangled camera don't go into an electron sizzle with all the shooting in the fog. - Paul "bzzztt" Ruby

Paul said...

Keep the photos coming, Steve. One of the many reasons I look forward to reading your posts is to see your photos which often evoke memories of growing up in Central PA-- taking my old Yashica out on my Yamaha Enduro and just riding for hours looking for photo opportunities. Paul II

Dick Aal said...

This fog seems to be quite light. It makes for beautiful photography but looks like you can navigate quite easily. I have ridden in fog where I actually got claustraphobic it was so thick. I missed overhead lite signs cause the fog was so thick. I rode the edge of the freeway with my amber flashers on. Of course NO photo would have shown anything.

American Scooterist Blog said...

My favorite pic is the one where the GTS is facing the viewer. That bike looks badass from that angle hehe. All great pics as usual but that one is pretty emotionally charged. I like those foggy mornings too :)


gary said...

Incredible images, Steve. I wish my commute took me through such a bucolic environment. I do have that Ol' Man River though...

As always, you inspire me. Thanks, and...

Ride well,

antonio said...

look like endless road on riding.

sometimes ...riding in fog like in heaven, really cool and wake me up.

Paul said...

I just saw your personal profile - an Edward Abbey book is your favorite eh? Well I have a new Edward Abbey book to give you. 'Postcards from Ed'
Regards, Paul "Books from Paul" Ruby

Paul said...

antonio: Regarding Fog Riding: In 1985 i used to ride my sportster to work at 7:30am in cuba NY - very rural. it was hilly so when drove into a valley there would be thick cold fog and i'd get all wet. sometimes i'd have to slow down to nearly walking speed because I couldn't see. once a deer was standing in the road and i had to stop completely. THEN the deer walked away. also i like your blog photos. imaginative photos and cute girlfriends (or sisters(?). Steve note the motorcycle model on the fire hydrant and click on 'shivering' to see more photos. - paul "wet and foggy" ruby

Steve Williams said...

bill: I wear the bright yellow all the time but I suppose the vests would even be brighter.

I don't think the deer care at all....

paul: I think the camera is pretty well weatherproofed for things like fog. It's like a Timex watch.

Paul II: Thanks for the kind words. Riding and shooting are like chocolate and peanute butter!

dick aal: Yeah, I didn't stop to shoot in the really dense parts for fear someone would appear out of no where and run me down.

It wasn't as thick even then as you describe but heavy enough for me.

Roadbum: I am still exploring angles for the Vespa portraits. As you can tell I am usually shooting profiles. Fog is great for photos. It makes even the most mundane stuff look great.

Gary: Thanks! It is a nice place to ride and many roads I still have not touched once I get 20 or 30 miles from home.

antonio: I like the idea of it being like waking up in heaven. Cool idea.

Paul: Can't wait to take a look at the Edward Abbey biography!