Monday, June 17, 2013

Challenges for New Rider

Lete Rain Ride

Aleta is working her way towards becoming a hardcore scooter rider -- this picture taken over the weekend during a lull in the rain during a 100 mile ride.  Her first long trip had a little of everything -- weather, traffic, distance and winding roads.  Soon she'll graduate from my guidance to the professional training offered through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.  

I told her a little rain wouldn't hurt her.

Aleta is riding her Yamaha Vino while I lead the way on the Vespa.  Trying out the Camera Bag 2 app for processing the rainy image.  It says I'm a Hipster...

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kz1000st said...

Hey, isn't that your spare bike she's riding? How many burgundy Vinos could there be in PA?

bob skoot said...


sometimes it's nice to have company and someone to ride for help the next time your spark plug wire comes detached

Riding the Wet Coast

Elise G said...

Nice to see you two ride through Bellefonte!

Michal Macejko said...

Nice pic.. awesome!

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