Friday, May 17, 2013

Two Evenings at Piston and Pints

View from the inside of Ken Hull's Moto Shack and Lounge in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.  Took this a couple weeks ago at the first Piston and Pints event of the 2013 season.  The pictures below will give you an idea of the event.  Pictures were made on May 2nd and May 16th.

If you haven't ventured into Boalsburg on the first and third Thursday of the month to join the Piston and Pints crowd you should at least think about it.

Without further ado I'll share some of the pictures I made.

Just one of many vintage machines that appear at Piston and Pints.  I could covet one of these if it had disc brakes.

Dave Dix and his BMW GS.  Great bike.  He had to leave early.  I think he was heading to Antarctica or something like that.  Those BMW riders...

Mike Mohney, faculty member in Penn State Ag Science's landscape contracting program, surprised me by showing up on a cool, two-stroke, Yamaha cafe racer.  Those tires are fantastic.

Camera optics are funny.  I think.  Either that or Ken is really tiny or that fellow is really big.

I think it's the lens...

Robert eats salad and rides a Harley.  I should have told him it doesn't fit the image HD works so hard to develop.  Salad seems more of a Vespa thing.

Paul Ruby on May 2, 2013.  He bought the Ducati jacket from another rider attending the event.  Ken's Moto Shack and Lounge building makes a good backdrop for a portrait.  Thinking I need to start making portraits of everyone who attends.  A new photo project perhaps...

Well look, that's me...

The Piston and Pints Library.

A Honda CB cafe racer conversion.

Ken Hull took time from his busy day to demonstrate the correct way to apply condiments to a hot dog.

Paul D. Ruby, Ducati, BMW and Vespa rider, Ferrari owner, and recent acquirer of a Nikon D800.  That's why he's smiling.

More than one Vespa at Piston and Pints on May 16.  Still rare though.


Anonymous said...

Like the old school yamaha 2 stroke and Red Honda CB cafe racer.

The leather jacket, vintage BMW, red red vespa..

and of course that yummy HOTDOG.

Paul said...

SW: You sure are good with that camera. You often capture the atmosphere/mood. Thanks for the extra nice photos of me. I'll use them for my Ebay and Yahoo profile photos.
Paul R.

Bryce Lee said...

You really need to borrow a sidecar rig from somebody and take Junior there some night.
Maybe something for the Vespa???

As to a photo album of sorts. Take photos of attendees and their
One of these days Steve any one of them could see their lives snuffed out by an accident. Have many photos of departed motorcycle friends, some died of natural causes, some died of cancer and heart problems and still others were snuffed out by their own hand or somebody else in an accident.

The scary part for me, now is at age 67, and still suffering from the affects of chonic illness, to never ride again, looking at images of friends now too, passed.

So yes, start taking photos, print them and keep them. Those remaining behind shall appreciate same knowing someone somewhere had a photo of their loved one while enjoying what he or she did for fun.

Scooter parts said...

Surely the best evening anyone can have.
The leather jacket, vintage BMW, red red vespa..

Yummy HOTDOG, Jacket on, Vintage BMW, and that Vespa = Good Times.

Lucky said...

Maybe it's just me, but that distortion just cracks me up.

Looks like an awesome day. I gotta get out and find me some parties like that.

Steve Williams said...

Lucky: Piston and Pints is definitely cool -- you never know who is going to show up or what you'll see.

Let us know if you find something similar in your part of the country.

Little Bag of Air said...

Boy would I love to have a moto shack too. Although I probably wouldn't have all those nice people stopping in. Just the same, it looks like my kind of place.