Saturday, April 20, 2013

A URAL to Alaska: Redleg's Rides Author on the Road Now

Each time I get on the Vespa I consider it the beginning of an adventure.  A ride to work, a trip to the grocery store, or an extended wandering to points unknown -- each writes its own story of experience and enlightenment.  

Well, enlightenment may be a bit strong.

But I do look to each ride for what it can offer and I call that adventure.  At least until I'm faced with capital "A" adventure.

Like Dom Chang's (author of Redleg's Rides) ride to Alaska on his URAL.  He's doing that right now, in the snow.  No waiting for the perfect weather window for him.  To get a flavor for how things are going check out his DAY 14 post.  He's in the Yukon heading up the Alaska Highway, snow, cold, and more.  I've bookmarked it as something to read whenever I get into the "woe is me" mood.

I met Dom about two years ago while I was at a conference in Denver and he was still piloting his URAL Sportsman of mid '90s vintage (I think).  He and his wife Martha and kids were gracious hosts and I had an opportunity to ride with him.  His approach was focused and methodical from gear to maintenance to riding.  Those traits are serving him well on the road to Alaska on a much newer URAL -- the same one I was riding not too long ago.

If you have a few minutes it's worth a visit to Redleg's Ride and follow Dom's Alaska journey in near real time!


bob skoot said...


The meaning of Adventure is different for many of us. To some it is a ride for coffee every weekend, to others it may be just the commute to work. For others a weekend away. Many of us are at a crossroads in life where we may wish to turn our dreams into action before we are not able, or our health declines.

Dom is a real adventurer, willing to tackle the harsh wilderness of Alaska, alone and not during the best time of the year. I admire his resourcefulness and mechanical ability. I could only follow in his footsteps in Spirit and marvel . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Verena said...

This is cool!