Monday, April 02, 2012

Extreme Scootering


Watching this video I try to imagine Kim, Junior and I on our way to the beach. It's extreme scootering and probably beyond my personal riding limits.

Thanks to Dom Chang (aka Charlie6) of Redleg's Rides for sharing the link to this video. I won't ask how he found it. I do know he's trying to lure me into the sidecar quadrant of the riding universe. What do you think of his chances for success?


bobskoot said...


I don't think anyone can talk you into anything. You are set in your ways. You only want a Vespa. It does what you want, it is in your comfort zone. You have had the opportunity to ride vitually any bike people have lusted for, you have reviewed and ridden them for days, weeks . . . and still, nothing can budge you from your scooter perch. I think Craig has given up . . .

and it would be too stressful to have to change your Blog title

Riding the Wet Coast

Steve Williams said...

bobskoot: I admit that I remain smitten by the Vespa. While the BMW and Triumph motorcycles held great interest they weren't the right machines for me today.

And I can't imagine changing the title of Scooter in the Sticks...

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

I am getting older and the thought of camping still occurs to me, but not to my joints.

I have occasionally daydreamed about getting a BMW/Hannigan Trike conversion, and an Ambassador camper/trailer to drag behind it. I mentioned this to my daughter, who suggested that I just drink poison and get it over with.

Neat video.

Please excuse my absence of late. I have been working to finish this damn book and now have paralax vision.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Brady Steffl said...


I'm not sure if this is comedy gold, or pure genius. Either way, I love it, absolutely - though I do wonder what the blue smoke does to the fiberglass.

My other thoughts include - By who's standard is a 6x4'9" bed with three people comfortable? And, sorry to say, I'm pretty sure ever aspect of this trip is untenable by the average American family.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Steve Williams said...

Dear Mr. Riepe: last time I slept on the ground my joints made similar comments. I remember thinking it's hell to get old.

Can't wait to see your book.

Steve Williams said...

Brady: You seem to have forgotten two things: 1) all readers here are above average 2) all riders sleep in the fetal position making that bed plenty big.

And maybe some scooter riders have a nutty streak...

Still it was fun to watch.

Paul said...

I've seen that video before. It makes me laugh every time. I think such a thing would be fun, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable riding my scoot with a trailer like that on it.