Friday, March 16, 2012


$5.24.  That's what I paid this morning to fill up the Vespa after 78 miles of back and forth to work -- $4.159 per gallon for 1.259 gallons or premium fuel.  Stops at the gas pump can be satisfying experiences.

Tapping on my iPhone calculator (I've ceased doing math in my head) reveals fuel consumption at 62mpg.  That's in the normal range for rides to work.  Slightly higher on trips.

A light rain was falling but the air was almost warm making for a pleasant ride.  Cost of that kind of ride -- priceless...


bobskoot said...


I can't imagine only paying $5.24 to fill my tank. That would be like paying with your loose ashtray change, or the change you find under your sofa cushions after guests have left, or snagging the tips left by the customer on the next table.

my tank holds 23 ltrs and that would give me a range of approx 300 hwy miles

Riding the Wet Coast

ps: we used to have a guy meet up with us for breakfast every Saturday morning. we would all order the breakfast, you know, bacon and eggs with pancakes, coffee. He would only order a coffee and toast. when the bill came he would always offer to combine it and pay the bill. Of course we would all leave tips.

we found out later that he "snagged" the tip money to pay his portion

Richard Machida said...

$5.24! I think that my snowblower holds more gas than that!

Bryce said...

Try C$1.31 a litre for unleaded regular as in Southern Ontario; you're still getting off cheap! Hate to think what filling your Vespa here would cost.

Steve Williams said...

It's not a lot but the price of gas keeps creeping up. Thankfully the amount of fuel for the scooter is low. Nothing like my oil furnace tank....

I think Gordon and Paul are both good tippers. No tip snagging among us. That would be wrong.

Steve Williams said...

Richard Machida: Yeah, the Vespa only holds about two gallons.

Steve Williams said...

Bryce: I think the price would really have to soar before I would have any concerns with the Vespa. Makes you wonder though what's going to happen in the energy world for the long haul...

Sir Paul said...

Hi Steve
Doesn't it feel good to ride away from a gas station knowing they are only getting a small portion of what you work all week for. I almost have the gal at my gas station convinced to buy a scooter.
All the best
Sir Paul

Poppawheelie said...

Just got back from Daytona. In central PA we're paying 10 to 35 cents more per gallon than anywhere else between here and Florida. Hmmmm, who's taking our money?
BTW, I tried a new rig to get there, a Prius towing a very light weight trailer I made, and our lightest motorcycle. Didn't get the mileage I expected, but did get 40 mpg for the 1002 miles one way, and got there for less than $100 in fuel.
Last year I rode, but didn't really save anything. Since I avoid riding at night, I stayed in motels two nights. This year, sadly, a biker was killed riding through S.C. at night. He hit something in the road, which maybe he would have seen in daylight. When I drive and tow, I just nap in the car and save motel bills.
When I drive the Prius just so, i.e.- speed under 60 mph, very light throttle, I get 58 mpg. Hence I expected about 50 mpg towing the trailer. Not so, but not so bad.

Let's saddle up and Scooter For Fun. said...

My bill ran only $3.41. Of course my Honda Elite is less than my friend Scooter By The Sea's 250cc, and it's often difficult - okay, impossible to keep up with him, but 88.8 mpg running full throttle all the time is not too shabby.
I'd be pleased to have you view my blog:

In addition, both Tom and I invite you up to our neck of the woods -- Maine, for some fun scootering.
Let us know..... Mike.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

Please forgive the blip in time between my comments, but I am focusing on the biggest editorial project of my life at the moment, and I get easily sidetracked. I see you have done two recent blog episodes and I am scrambling to catch up.

Gas in New Jersey is about the cheapest in the country. It went from $3.11 in October to $3.69, as of yesterday. It now costs $134.00 to fill the tank in my truck with regular. It would be $20.00 to fill the tank of the K75 I just sold.

The new reality is about t hit for the second time. No one in the energy industry is betting that US drivers will do at the dawn of 2009, and cut back 10% on their driving.

But employment in the US is still reeling, the economy is on the verge of stalling, and the government has its head far up its ass. My guess is that 10% may be a conservative cutback figure for 2012.

It is important to note that the new Scion joins the Fiat and the SmartCar in showrooms these days. BMW is introducing a new scooter and I think these are the signs that a wave of fiscal responsibility is about to sweep the nation.

Good post today.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

David Masse said...

How true. I suppose this means a return to healthier business for the dealers. Riding a Vespa is its own reward in so many dimensions.

Orin said...

Filled up the GTS at a cost of $7.13. I forget the exact amount (around 1.75 gallons), but the price per gallon of premium was $4.599. Washington is among the most expensive places in the continental U.S. to buy gasoline, and Bellingham has the most expensive gas in Washington, in spite of having five oil refineries within a 25-mile radius. Oh, right... the biggest one isn't back online yet. They had a fire. That's their story and they're sticking to it...

Scootin' Old Skool

Orin said...

Jack, are you referring to the Scion iQ? We've had these on the West Coast since December. One of my scooter friends owns one, in fact. She's getting what the EPA says it gets—37 mpg. My 18-year-old Ford Escort station wagon returns 42 highway mpg, and most of the new compact sedans/hatchbacks will do 40 hwy, give or take. In a few years, Mazda will sell a car that will get 70 mpg, and it won't be a hybrid. Maybe by then I will have found a way back to the middle class...