Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Riding Miscalculation

Fourteen degrees and windy this morning when Junior and I made our way up the street to play ball.  It was one of those mornings when even a dog pauses to consider the weather. I carefully inspected the street surface trying to differentiate how much loose dry snow on top of bare pavement was blowing around versus more tricky ice and adhering snow.

While Junior periodically chased the ball and then hunkered down in the snow I collected pertinent data and made a few riding calculations.

1.  It's cold.

2.  It's really cold.

3.  It's damn cold.

4.  The road is bad.

After careful consideration of all the facts I decided to drive the minivan into town for my 3 Prints Project meeting.

Or, 1+2+3+4=Honda Minivan.

As soon as I got on the main road I realized I had made a miscalculation. The roads weren't bad.  Almost dry in fact.  Though it still was cold.  I was glad I miscalculated.

When I looked at this picture I thought Gordon appeared to be hesitant to face the music inside Saint's Cafe.  He showed up with digital prints.  I showed up with no prints.  I can't be sure if I even want to make anymore prints.  We've been discussing a show but it all just makes me tired.  And I still have to fix the mixing valve in the darkroom.

Another Sunday morning sans riding.  I'm hoping for warmer weather.  I've grown weary of the winter struggle.  At least for today.


bobskoot said...


we're tired of Winter and our weather is better than yours. Just think, only a month and a bit before Spring

I haven't done a wet print in a long time, but last year I developed a couple of rolls of l20

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

When in doubt drive the car. Hope your weather warms up soon!

ToadMama said...

You made the right choice. It's really damn cold. I am dreading walking the dogs, and that's warmer than riding!

David Masse said...

Steve, on Sunday I had some repairs to do in the bathroom (replacing some grout that had failed). On the way back from the hardware store there was a guy walking a great big Bernese. I watched as the dog dragged his owner closer to what would have been a nice patch of grass in the summer. The dog pretended that it was going to do its business, looking at the owner with that look dogs shoot their owners to get their way ("come on buddy, give a dog a break here..."). Then, at the last moment, the dog collapses happily into the snow and snuggles down with a look of perfect contentedness, gazing up at the freezing owner as if to say "on your way now, walk if you must, I'll be here just chillin' and people-watching". Junior looks just as content in that picture.

irondad said...

You got nothing to prove to me, Sir!

Interesting seeing your blog turn white. I've been contemplating going darker. I always like photos on dark backgrounds for some reason.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

I used to love to go cross-country skiing around Heart Lake, high in the Adirondack Wilderness. I had always done it and there was a certain satisfaction in getting out in sub-zero degree weather, to knock off 10 or 12 miles of utterly desolate trails.

And one day, when I was pretty sure I had frozen my balls off, I asked, "Why am I compelled to to this?" So I skied to the bar, put my gear in the rack by the door, and had 5 hot buttered rums by the fire.

It was a much better deal.

You have my full support for any decision that calls for taking the minivan (and just owning one is the first symptom of Alzheimers) down to the diner, as opposed to hanging your butt out in the breeze.

Spring is barely eight weeks away, and there will be plenty of time to ride in the cold rain.

The dog looks like he is enjoying the cold.

What would you do in a digital photo show? Stand there holding the camera letting people look at the screen on the back? That may not be as kooky as I made it sound.

My first public appearance at a club function is scheduled for a group in New Jersey next month.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Circle Blue said...

This morning there was snow on the ground, but I knew once out of the neighborhood the streets would be clear. And, it was warm, 34F. Still, it just didn't feel right. I drove. Somedays are like that. Miscalculation? Maybe, but then again.....
Circle Blue

scooter  said...

This type of winter weather i like so much.Snow are falling and at that time snow riding is the best experience.