Friday, February 03, 2012

The Gathering Gloom

Dying light, the gathering gloom descending on the ride home from work.  Cold enough that my hands chill quickly when I handle the Canon G9 camera without gloves.  I can't quite get the camera to do what I want it to do with those thick winter Tourmaster gloves.

Stay just a bit late at work and the light disappears quickly, especially on an overcast day.  Riding is bright.  I find unexpected satisfaction in cutting through the grayness on a cold evening.  Riding is an affirmation of living.  It is a reminder of breath and sight and feeling.  It's so far from being behind the wheel I can't begin to describe the experience.

One last stop on the way home to scramble up the concrete beneath the overpass.  Standing with the camera I wonder if a passing police car will think "terrorist" as I photograph in my bumblebee riding suit.  More likely "idiot".

When I think of injuring myself during riding more often those thoughts arise as I am finding places to shoot a picture.

And on down the through the gathering gloom to home and hearth and a cup of tea.  Or two.


ToadMama said...

That even looks cold. Enjoy the tea!

bobskoot said...


a double BRRRR, looks cold. We are half way towards Spring. It is not always dark when we leave work

Riding the Wet Coast

bouls said...

I love your enthusiasm, my bike is still parked for another month or two. But with each passing day the prospect of riding gets closer!

Steve Williams said...

ToadMama: Cold but not oppressive. And tea always helps.

bobskoot: Some days when I realize it's time to go home and I remember I have the Vespa it can be discouraging. It takes some additional effort to ride in the cold. So I have to get myself ready for those evenings...

Steve Williams said...

bouls: Each of us gets to decide how and when we'll ride. There is no right answer. And I bet there is something pretty good about anticipating riding again!