Monday, January 16, 2012

Decision Making

A frosty beard on Junior should be a strong enough indication that the Vespa should stay in garage.  Still, I was running scenarios through my head from the time I woke up.  The app indicated 13F and clear skies -- certainly not a show stopper.  Looking ahead the forecast showed ice and snow moving in around 6pm.  I've heard that story before only to find snow falling three hours early.

Thirty minutes of dog action chilled my body sufficiently that the luster of riding to work wore off.  All the ride variations and rationalizations were reduced to "I'm too cold to get on the Vespa."

Good thing too.  The little ice balls started falling around 4pm...


David Masse said...

That's got to be the number one challenge for winter commuting. The morning might be OK for riding, but by evening you could find your bike stranded by the weather, and it could stay stranded for a good few days. Junior looks like it doesn't bother him though. Stay warm.

Allen Madding said...

Junior will take care of the Vespa! Stay warm!


Thomas Keene said...

You're fortunate to have a dog to provide indications that riding should be avoided. My indoor cats couldn't care less if I'm home or on the road.

In fact, on especially cold days, they seem to push me out the door, then fight over the chair I've warmed up, in their minds, for them.

Bryce said...

Junior shall be warmer than you!
Dang he looks happy in that first photo!
Maybe use it for your three prints a week project. oops, not B&W,
back to the drawing board.

Charlie6 said...

Perhaps we should revisit that Ural.....that barn-door-like fairing cuts a lot of the cold wind off your body.


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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

I know of no BMW rider who has any first-hand experience of little balls.

I remain,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

Steve Williams said...

David Masse: It certainly is one of the challenges. I hate not riding only to find out the weather report was wrong and it is a nice day.

So far I haven't been stranded but perhaps I should have been.

Ride safe in the frozen north!

Steve Williams said...

Allen Madding: I wish I could teach Junior to check the oil and air pressure. For some reason I just hate doing that task...

Steve Williams said...

Thomas Keene: Junior isn't the perfect dog. He has taken to sneaking into the bedroom and snoozing the day away on the king-sized Tempur-pedic bed.

And if you catch him in the act he acts like everything is as it should be.

Steve Williams said...

Bryce: My darkroom is out of commission due to a failed O ring in a mixing valve. I've not put on my plumbers hat yet to fix it and get the water running again.

I'm feeling lazy and happy that the darkroom is closed!

Steve Williams said...

Charlie6: I saw another URAL in town on Sunday -- the Gear-Up version. Kissell Motorsports must have sold another. It was brand new with a brave rider dealing with the cold air.

I have a Vespa. No need for a URAL.

You need a Vespa.

Steve Williams said...

Mr. Riepe: What's wrong with little balls? Tiger Woods did OK with them. And I spent years with them playing table tennis. I was actually on Penn State's Team that played in the National Team Championship at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1976. Little balls were everywhere.

When it comes to BMWs they have a lot of little nuts.