Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favorite Vespa Rides

After years of riding, writing and taking pictures it's easy to loose track of individual rides.  I went through Scooter in the Sticks and picked out some of my favorite or more memorable experiences.  They aren't Vespa reviews or anything like that.  Just reflections of the kind of experiences I have had.

I didn't include any winter rides on the Vespa or motorcycle rides.   These are the rides that any Vespa owner could undertake without concern for rain, snow or ice. 

In my estimation riding is a little miracle accessible on a daily basis.  Hard to describe if you've never ridden before.  And if you have you probably have a collection of your own favorites.

A pre-dawn ride from State College, Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh to explore the landscape of my youth. A day of exploring and 320 miles of scooter adventure.

Heading south through Maryland and West Virginia for a pleasant 258 mile ride.

An overnight trip with my friend Paul through the Wilds of Pennsylvania.

A couple hundred miles of Vespa riding will change a person's outlook.  Riding east towards Centralia and the Coney Island Lunch.

Solitary riding through the empty parts of Pennsylvania with a camera and desire to explore.

Relaxing on a Vespa LX150 through north central Pennsylvania.

A riding response to being characterized by another blogger as a curious toddler.

A picture story of a Vespa ride through the sticks.

Embracing the special riding qualities of a Vespa that make the world a little more exciting.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Scooter In The Sticks (Steve):

I am going to read a different one of your rides each night for a week. Some are likely to affect me more than others... But I have decided to include a small notation on how each helped make me a better person. I am amazed at the distances you cover. Over 300 miles would be the upper range of my limit these days, and that would be going like bloody hell.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

SonjaM said...

Kudos for the distance riding. You know it is partly due to your blog that we are owning a pair of Vespa's now, right?
And yes, we are planning on riding longer distances as well. Thank you so much for sharing this, both your photography and the tales from the road are very inspiring!

Sergei Belski said...

You have great ride reports!

Fuzzygalore said...

I love that you've collected these posts into a list. Sometimes really great content such as this can get buried. Now i have something great to read on my lunch hour today!

@Sonja- Congrats on your new scoots! Steve's pictures really are very inspiring.

Steve Williams said...

Dear Mr. Riepe: Hmmmmm. My first reaction when I started to read your comment was that you were setting up a joke. I saw a post on Twisted Roads with you in a cheap hotel with a pillion candy reading you bedtime stories. Such is the reputation you have cultivated. Or at least that's how the seeds have germinated in my head.

But I hope you find some enjoyment in my ramblings. I spread 300 miles over many hours of riding, picture making, eating, napping, and looking around at the scenery. At the rate of speed you travel you would finish the 300 miles off in less than four hours.

Steve Williams said...

SonjaM: I hope you find as much enjoyment from the Vespa as I have. And thanks for your kind words about my writing and pictures. As long as I keep seeing and thinking about things on the road I'll keep posting.

Steve Williams said...

Sergei: Thanks! Love your pictures on your blog. They're so good. Inspires me to drag the DSLR and 300mm lens along!

Steve Williams said...

Fuzzygalore: Lunchtime reading! That's a new one. Hope they don't cause indigestion.

And let me know when you trade your bike in for a Vespa!

Bob Olcott said...

I was looking for [photos of] your excursions in Maine....

Pirelli Motorcycle Tires said...

Hi Steve,

You always have interesting posts and I keep reading more and more each time am on your blog. Beautiful adventurers you have selected here. I read the one on the overnight trip wow nice photos you have. Thanks for sharing your love for motorcycles with us.