Sunday, May 02, 2010

3 Prints Project Out of Gas?

I'm sitting at Saint's Cafe on another Sunday morning without any new prints. It's not that I haven't been shooting or printing but I've misplaced the weekly ritual. Three new rolls of film wait at home for processing and a dozen sheets of negatives for printing.

My list grows long and Junior does love his walks.

Regardless, it remains reasonably ritualistic to roll out the Vespa and onward on some sort of ride. Today to meet Gordon (who also arrived printless I might add) "I have a portfolio full of anxiety" he says.

The bagels and fellowship remain strong. And there is the ride home to look forward too as well right?

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Orin said...

Just as my handwriting resembles Helvetica because I studied graphic design in the pre-computer era, I learned photography in the age of film and chemistry. In neither case do I miss the non-computer process; I rather like the flexibility that comes with being able to manipulate pixels, and I also like not having my hands and clothes smell funny. Then there's being able to see your results immediately, something the film process does not permit.

I spent way too much of my youth alone in dark rooms (and darkrooms), so I guess I'm trying to make up for it by taking advantage of the opportunity to spend the time out in the world capturing images...

Scootin' Old Skool

Richard Machida said...

Need to get rid of that whole job thing. It just gets in the way of the important things!

Gordon said...

Not out of gas, just converted to slow-burning whale oil. I think we are still in the process. In the past, the rolls and prints appeared each week through diligence. Now, I find myself stepping carefully---not "cautiously," but "patiently." Yes, our Studebaker has run out of gas, but we have stepped onto the river raft with only the current to carry the project. Didn't mean to get all Mark Twainy on you.

Seth Hershey said...

How do you like the Canon G9, if it's yours?

Either way, thanks for writing, I appreciate your view of the world.