Sunday, November 01, 2009

Notes from the Road (and my new iPhone)

Things always change. While many blogging colleagues endeavor to improve their photography I seem to be going backwards. At least for these Notes from the Road posts.

On the way to Saint's this morning I made this picture indicative of the mix of danger and intrigue related to riding, blogging, and photography with an iPhone. Picture and text with the iPhone and post created with the BlogPress app for the iPhone.

In the future I will post from the road. Right now a bagel awaits...


Conchscooter said...

Danger and Intrigue? Related to Riding? Rural Pennsylvania isn't the bucolic back country you led us to believe? Whatever next...

Steve Williams said...

Conchscooter: The danger I see is mostly in my head thinking about the risks related to riding. And of course all the non-rider admonitions to quit while I am ahead.

I'll be posting more about those thinks soon.

Pennsylvania remains bucolic and free of fire ants.

Richard Machida said...

Thank you for the BlogPress suggestion. I've been looking for a blog app with decent picture support. It's free so why not try it.

Steve Williams said...

Richard: I'm still exploring BlogPress and my iPhone but so far the possibilities look bright. So far I don't see a way to control the size of the photo using BlogPress.

Vespa Lover said...

Nice post, ive added them to my favorites ! Keep writing and driving, Wouter from Belgium

Chuck Pefley said...

Steve, you might have a look at the iPhone app "Photogene" which give you a way to resize and save a new copy on your phone. Might be what you're looking for. Have fun with your iPhone.

cpa3485 said...

Doesn't that i-phone have like a 5MP camera?
If it makes you feel any better, 5MP is what I have on my regular camera. You will still be taking better pictures than me, I'm sure.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

When a man I respect and admire, a man who has spent the entire summer riding exotic motorcycles, tells me he is taking a step backwards, I assume it is a cultural thing, and that he has acquired a tattoo, a nosering, and a Goth girlfriend with purple hair.

Then you send me a scooter reflected in a store window and a close-up of a bagel.

When I send you a message that I too am moving backward, it will be from a gutter in Key West, where I will be sweating rum, in the company of a bar frowze who thinks I'm clever... And it will be a collect call from the last pay phone in north America.

Clever photo of the scooter in the store window. From an iPhone, huh?

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad

irondad said...

It's all good. Just separate your hazards!

Bryce said...


Suspect that most of us in one way or another are techno-freaks, we enjoy our toys whatever they may be.
So there's the iPhone and other
amenities which we all consider
neccessary for our existence. It has been said those who have iPhones want to have fun, those with Blackberries are working fiends.
Myself have neither, in fact my mobile is often dead when I go
to use it, the device receives very
little use. Mind I pay the minimum amount of $25.00 a month plus 13 percent sales tax. Often I don't use even one quarter of that amount.

So how do you keep the iPhone
away from Junior? And is the four-legged pet settling to living with you and your wife? Let's see, they can't really have another two
(or three) wheeled device in the garage, so how about a four legged device? One that requires loving, nuturing and attention.

And I suspect you live in a somewhat rural area so there is probably some room for Junior to run, and play. So when do you acquire a sidecar for the Vespa so Junior can join you on your exploratory rides? And have you
introduced Junior to ice cream from
a certain on-campus manufacturing facility?

Maybe do some photos not so much
with the iPhone, rather say the
Leica? Personally the D700 is a work device for me; have often
desired a Leica, however there are more important things in life,

bobskoot said...


My smartphone actually has software: windows mobile 6 so I suppose it is theoretically possible to do a post, but who knows where to start nor how to do it. It comes with a 5mp camera so I may try a post using only camera photos.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Steve Williams said...

Vespa Lover: Thank you for your kind words. Since we now have a Belgian Sheepdog I'm wondering if you should share some Flemish commands!

Steve Williams said...

Chuck: PerfectPhoto does all of the manipulation and cropping, etc., that I'll ever need from the road. The iPhone is far more functional than I ever dreamed it would be.

cpa3485: Just 3mp on my phone. Not great but good enough for sear of the pants reporting.

Steve Williams said...

Jack Riepe: I guess I was viewing my step backwards from the myopic lens of a photographer. I don't expect to fall into the abyss with you though!!!

irondad: Riding is all about balance right?