Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Simple Elegance

For me riding is both simple and elegant. Each aspect of the machine and the ride constructing a satisfying experience. It’s reflected in the simple construction of the picture I made the last time I stopped at Barnes and Noble. Every element essential but nothing extra. That’s what I pursue on my scooter in the sticks. It’s not a perfect path but one that generally leads me where I want to go.

Pizza is simple. Especially one that costs $5.. Nothing fancy after a hard day at work. Strap the thing to the back of the Vespa and go. But not until the manager runs out and warns me that all the cheese will run off at that angle.

It didn’t.

A last stop for crab cakes and salad hung simply on the purse hook. That’s right, it’s called a purse hook. I’ve not used it for that yet but it has carried a lot of other stuff. If simplicity is going to go out the window it’s often because of mental triggers like purse hook, Barbie scooter, moped rider, things like that. Or it should I guess. So far I’m impervious to that sort of positive critique.

I’m writing this just after dawn. It’s 54F and crying out for a ride. The weather is changing and spring is approaching. Last night on the way home I stopped to look at the light filtering through the trees. Something is different. The sun is moving. Or my attitude is changing through solar tempering. I’m waiting for my friend Paul to arrive to we can head north. Or east. Somewhere. Anywhere. It’s just good to get out for once when I don’t have to worry about frostbite.


Coop said...

I watch for daily updates to your blog, patient enough to wait for whenever the next one arrives. Thank you.

Baron's Life said...

I too watch updates to your's good...and agree with you
Simple is the Best
Simply the Best

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

The way in which a person lives says a great deal about the individual. Your orderly composition suggests you find peace in simplicity. Yet the menu of crab cakes, salad, and pizza doesn't quite seem to go together. Like the salmon that used to spawn in the neighborhood streams around here, the $5 pizza is long gone.

Today would have been the first day of exploratory riding for me, as it is 67º outside. But my bike is in pieces for another couple of weeks.

I look forward to more of your stories and pictures.

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

cpa3485 said...

Steve, I am sincerely indebted to you for finally giving me a name to call that stupid, yet strategically very useful, little hook on my scooter. I never used to know what to call that sucker, but have found it to be extremely helpful on many occaaions. Everything from my backpack, to groceries, to take out food fits very nicely on there.

In my case, I may modify the term somewhat and call it a "Man-Bag" hook. Yes, I have a Man-Bag to carry multiple sets of eyeglasses, and other junk that I think I need on a daily basis. It fits in my topcase rather well so I don't use the hook for that, but now at least I have a name for the hook.

Thanks again!!!

Glad to hear the weather is getting better there. March can still be tricky though. I know that just as soon as I put the extra cold clothing away, it will manage to get real cold again and I will have to dig the stuff back out again.

bobskoot said...

Up here, we call that little hook a grocery bag hook, you know those plastic bags you get at the Grocery store. I kind of like your term better. From now now I shall call it the "purse hook", it kind of has a nice ring to it. I like your idea of Simple and I am trying to work towards that direction.

As usual, great photos

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Angelo said...

Talk about simplicity . . . the ubiquitous bungee is to hauling, as the pizza is to every red blooded males idea of a meal; and probably a few females too. Good show. Being the cynic that I am, I am waiting for the day to find out that you are a complete fraud, and that this and every other photo you’ve presented are all taking on your 2 acre lot somewhere in north west Virginia instead of PA.

I love coming here from time to time to see images that are free from automobiles and bad taste. Thanks.

Kathygnome said...

It really was a glorious day for riding today wasn't it? My first ride of the spring without the winter gear. I owe you and your blog a big debt, I'm sure without the inspiration, my lx would have been in the garage in October and still hiding.

For the bag hook, I use a mesh resuable shopping bag which works wonderfully. I love bringing a couple of bags of groceries out and putting them on the scoot.

It may be the purse hook, but I'd be afraid to hang my purse on it. Not enough weight and it would flap away in the wind. I stick mine in the pet carrier.

Steve Williams said...

Coop: Don' think I'll ever make it to daily updates. If I get two a week in I'm doing great. Glad you find some use in them though!

Baron's Life: It is the best isn't it.

Jack: I'm not much of a culinary accifianado. Pizza was for me and the rest for my wife. We just got the LIttle Ceasars in town and they have been running a 5 dollar pie everyday for a long time now.

I rode yesterday and the temperature passed 70 towards the end. I can't get too excited yet though. I remember having a couple feet of snow in mid-March...

Steve Williams said...

cpa3485: Only on a scooter would be have this discussion. They are filled with utility.

I'm with you on the departure of cold weather. There is more in store. Chance of frostless mornings is still months away...

bobskoot: Simplicty is a good goal for me but so easy to lose sight of. Everything seems to work against it.

Angelo: No, I don't have a two acre lot. These are all done with miniatures in my basement. Now you know, the party is over.

Seriously though, as with all photographs the photograph is choosing what to reveal, when to take the picture. I choose to show what interests me. What you would see in the same places might be different.

But I am riding the rides and having the experiences for whatever they're worth!

Kathygnome: I don't hang anything valuabe on the purse hook either. Would never leave my camera bag there for instance. But it does seem to be sturdy. I have raced home from the grocery store on the freeway with three bags attached without anything blowing away.

Glad to hear Scooter in the Sticks has given a bit of inspiration to get the scooter out on days a little colder than you would otherwise ride.

Be careful out there.

Orin said...

Steve, as I write this snow is falling (but not sticking) and the wind is blowing outside Tully's Coffee on Alki Avenue. I'm glad I have the Estate.

As for the $5 pizza, my West Seattle bachelor pad is only a hop, skip and jump from tha ghet-TO... Little Caesar's pizza joints abound, along with the nail salons, bubble-tea parlors and used car lots with big signs saying "Hablamos Español." It's just that after taking into account the cost of gas and time, the five-buck pizza costs enough to make a walk down the street the better value...

Scootin' Old Skool

irondad said...

You must have found some change in the couch again. You scored a cookie!

Great post on what we talk about, which is using two wheels for practical purposes. However, I find your credibility stretched some with the pizza.

How in the world did you keep the pizza hot until you got it home?