Friday, January 23, 2009

Revisiting Risk

Morning Fall
by Edward McGinty

I've been working on a piece related to risk and the potential price of riding. It's the sort of thing that makes family and spouses uncomfortable but bears consideration by anyone who ventures out on two wheels. Denial is not a useful tool in managing risk.

I've reposted the Morning Fall video that I shared over two years ago. It helped me think about risk and consequences and has focused my attention (again) on managing my skills and expectations wisely. If you have not seen it before it is worth watching. And if you have, maybe it will rekindle your own desires to be a better rider.

I should be posting my new risk piece over the weekend.


Michael said...

Just got back from a ride on a beautiful and unusual 50 degree Jan. day.
Wow, powerful stuff!
Sometimes when I'm not riding my best, I think it might be a blesing that I understand I'm not at my best and I'm more cautious.
One thing I try to keep in my mind at all times riding or not is what I learned many years ago in football.
"Keep your head on a swivel."
In football, especialy special teams, you never knew where a blocker was coming from. Tunnel vision would cost you your knees or get your head knocked off. Keeping your head on a swivel allowed your to play another game. On two wheels it will help keep you alive.

irondad said...

We should "ride with purpose". Your post is a great reinforcement of that fact. Riding with purpose means being very aware that risk exists and riding accordingly. It's not morbid. It's prudent, even vital.

Funny how the one-time "grasshopper" sounds so much more like the "Master" these days! Soon you will be able to snatch the pebble from my hand.

cpa3485 said...

An experienced motorcycle rider once told me to remember the word "scan". What she meant was to constantly be aware old your surroundings and the threats that might present themselves to you.

It is amazing to me how the little potential slip ups almost always occur when you least expect them. Like the patch of sand on the road in a spot where there was no sand the day before, to the driver that pulls in front of you when you can't believe he didn't see you. I may be a bit overly careful at times. But I know how quickly and unexpectedly something dangerous can happen, so I strive to err on the side of safety..

At the same time you cannot ride in constant fear, or there will never be any fun. Achieving a happy balance is maybe the key.

A very sobering video, but an excellent reminder, and I thank you for posting it.

Steve Williams said...

Michael: Head on a swivel. I like that image. Thanks for sharing it here!

irondad: I'm not sure I'm ready for any pebble snatching. Just when I think I am competent something comes up to illustrate new areas for attention. This never happens in a car!

Riding with purpose is prudent. Great thought.

cpa3485: Riding fearfully will only lead to trouble. You are exactly right about it. Balance, understanding, and awareness are where I think we need to be.

It is a pretty amazing video. I look at it every so often and I am still struck by it.

Bob Olcott said...

Thank You to IronDad and CPA--
The wisdom you've shared made my day! Thanx, Bob

Anonymous said...

I stop in at this blog once in a while. wow! what a hard hitting video ..thank you.

Sal Paradise

Touring Motocycle Tires said...

Thank you for that piece of information.I am now a wiser rider. Good Work.