Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Signs of Winter

Seeing the deer warning sign reminded me that it wouldn’t be long until the fields and forests of Central Pennsylvania will be full of hunters. Another sign of the coming of winter. The past few nights have brought heavy frost and chilly morning rides. Clear skies and bright sun warm the days into the sixties and it’s easy to push the cold mornings out of awareness.

Another reminder of the coming of winter was a contact from Dave Mangano, creator, author, and radio talent behind SCTRCST.COM, Scooter Internet Radio. Dave asked if we could talk about winter riding and that brought home the cold weather approach even more. You can listen to our discussion of winter riding HERE.

If you’ve not listened to SCTRCST it is well worth your time. Dave has put together a wonderful collection of interviews, stories, and information about scooters and riding.

Regardless of what cold weather might come tomorrow the weather right now is fantastic. Color, light, and the crisp feel of fall can work together to produce near perfect rides. The Vespa likes the cold air and so do I.


Kano said...

You might want to take up wearing an orange vest for awhile. You don't want no trigger happy hunter mistaking you for a deer out there in the sticks!

I'm going to check out that sctrcst. sounds interesting.

Sarch said...

I'm with you on this Steve....my bike realy likes the cool weather and there is something special about riding through that crisp air and sun.

The other great thing about riding in cool weather is it gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you to feel that you are realy experiencing life. Plus it makes you appreciate the comforts of home when you return!

Heinz & Frenchie said...

Hi Steve, You are my inspiration, started a scooter blog. Totally new at this, but after following yours for a few weeks, decided to take the plunge. I put a link to your blog as I want visitors to see what a really "Great" one looks like. Aiming ours at the newbies to scooters and hoping to show some of our beautiful South Florida scapes. I really enjoy every post and photo that you give us. Thanks so much, Lea

Carson said...

Well this will be my first winter on a scooter, and I am glad I found your blog to keep up my cold weather spirits. I am excited to wear my new FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket which was inspired by your purchase and reviews. The winters here in TN aren't nearly what they are in PA, but it's good for me to know I'm not the only two-wheeler out there with chills. Thanks again

dru_satori said...

Winter riding, is in many ways, more interesting than riding any other time of year. If you browse Steve's pictures, you'll see some really amazing shots.

I'm with Steve though, it's life affirming to ride in the crisp cool air, and enjoy the crystal clear winter air.

Frost on the surfaces and the play of light, all interact with the cool touch and quiet that you find in the winter all create a kind of one with nature feeling as you feel the air rushing past you that really explains so much..

Before I started riding, I never really got the motorcycle and cowboy analogies, but riding on some of these cool mornings, or cresting a hill into a wondrous sunset and all comes home, and it becomes really easy to understand the allure of riding off into the sunset and leaving all the worries behind.

Maggie said...

Yikes never thought about dodging gun fire! Be safe, Steve! The internet radio article was great!

irondad said...

I like the cool, crisp, riding as well. It's after that, though, when I get the most satisfaction. Call me perverse, but being one of the few to battle cold rain, freezing fog, darkness, and freeway traffic gives me great satisfaction.

Perhaps it's my big ego!

squire said...

Hey Steve, how about a write up about what you wear in the winter and why. Please include EVERYTHING. Thanks

Steve Williams said...

kano: I've thought about that. I'll stay out of the forests on gravel roads where there is a higher chance of passing bullets. Again, the risk is low and I can't even remember the last time anything has happened in Pennsylvania.

I do remember reading about two people being shot while riding a snowmobile in Michigan. It's hard to fathom how something like that could happen.

sarch: Isn't it great to come home when you're cold! Stepping inside, shedding the gear, and falling into the easy chair is just another benefit of cold weather riding. Thanks for pointing that out!

lea: Thanks for your kind words and congratulations on your blog. I took a look and the red and yellow Vespas that you and your husband have look great. Once you develop some traffic to your site I think people will really appreciate how great scooters are and riding is in your area.

carson: I hope you find the First Gear jacket meets your needs. Mine has served me well and it appears as if it will continue. I bought it big enough to put extra layers underneath when it gets really cold.

Ride safely this winter in Tennessee!

dru: I understand the cowboy image better now as well. The ability to sit on the Vespa, look back, and then look ahead and go creates a feeling that is hard to describe to someone who's not ridden. In a car it just doesn't happen for me. And it didn't happen on a bicycle either.

I'm no cowboy but I do ride into a lot of sunsets...

maggie: thanks! Danger from gunfire is probably right below danger from snakebites. It's really a non-issue here but because there is so much gunfire heard out in the sticks during deer hunting season it can at times sound like a war zone. I guess that's what happens when a million hunters take to the woods.

I'm more concerned with other drivers, deer, and paying attention to what I'm doing.

irondad: You could have been an expedition mountain climber. The few I've talked with sound a bit like you and really come alive coping with physical challenges like the ones you describe.

What makes your riding situations so much more impressive than mine is the distances coupled with the weather. I have to admit that I would probably stay home under the covers....

squire: I'll add it to my blog to do list---it's getting pretty long right now and time is scarce. I'm having trouble even getting out to ride beyond my commute to work. And this past week I needed the truck half the time.

Stay tuned though and I will go through the gear I use.