Saturday, March 31, 2007

Riding Chores

On most Saturday mornings I am on the road early. Today I gave in to the bed and didn't move until nearly 8 o'clock. When I finally rode away from the house it was after 10 and my mind was everywhere but on the road. Not a particularly good way to ride.

I abandoned any vague plans I might have to explore new territory and instead decided to stop at Barnes and Noble for tea and write my next blog entry. Not this one. And have a cookie. Not riding was a good decision and sitting by the window and watching the world roll by was nice. Some days I guess the road can do without me.

With warmer weather comes the beginning of the gardening season for me and I have a lot of work ahead. Late in the day I needed to run to Lowe's to pick a few things up and I was ready for a little ride in the balmy 68° F air. While I'll probably never be able to match the utilitarian application of the Vespa for transportation that you might see in Asia I try and use it as much as possible to do things other than recreational riding.

This trip was actually a small load - 50 pounds of potting soil and a 50 foot garden hose tied down to the seat while the more delicate items road in the under seat storage compartment. Things like hacksaw blades, foam earplugs, and a package of Burpee Giant Moon Flowers. I wanted to also bring home six wire tomato cages but they didn't have any today.

On the way home a car pulled up next to me at a traffic light and the passengers were laughing and pointing at me. Kim said they probably were impressed but it didn't feel that way at the time. I held a stoic gaze at the traffic light and pretended they were tourists.

The Vespa GTS didn't blink with the 50 pounds strapped on behind me. I guess it would be like have a kid riding there. My bet is I could get four bags on the scooter. Three on the seat and one across the floorboards. Now that's transportation.


MickyS said...

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say I've been following your blog for the past month and am really, really enjoying it. Aside from the fact that I'm a new convert into the world of scooters (bought a TGB 101R 150 back in February), I absolutely love the introspective, cathartic nature of your reflections on the landscape and the people you meet.

Thanks very much,


Gina Marie said...

Steve -- Stacy and I would have pointed and smiled (and, if it were you, waved!), and it would have been because we were impressed. We are always amazed at what you can haul around on that Vespa (thinking now of the x-mas tree post). I need to make the First Spring Trip to Lowes, but I'm not sure how much is going to fit in my little Miata MX-5. But after reading your post, I feel more confident I can at least get some potting soil and maybe a few plants.

American Scooterist Blog said...

You're a lead by example kind of guy. I'll bet when the price of gas starts to rise fast again, at least one of those kids is going to seriously be considering what that guy they saw at the stoplight was able to do with his scooter. You're the first domino hehe someday the people who see you ride will realize that.


Dave Dixon said...


I'm impressed with what you can carry on the back of that scooter. The Christmas tree that your took on the back of your LX 150 in December - now that was incredible!

When I'm riding my LX 50, I get people looking at me, sometimes, I think, just because I'm riding a scooter. I smile at them, think of money I'm saving in gas, and think of the good feeling riding a scooter creates in me.

carl tarrant said...

Hi steve,
I just wanted to say that i have enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your blog about your vespa and you.I too have a gts 250ie and live in the uk near london and absolutely love my vespa! I have a black one and is my first scooter.


Combatscoot said...

It's always good to see how others are using their scooters to haul everyday loads others put in their cars or trucks. It sure sets a good example that I think a few folks will follow later in life when they realize more isn't always better, or they see that gas prices have gone too far. One-of-these-days, when I get a digital camera, I will begin to document some of the loads I routinely carry on Beo.

Giest said...

Just think of them as caged hyenas jealous of your freedom. ;)