Monday, September 25, 2006

Sensory Rewards

A scooter (or motorcycle) offers a unique gift to those who choose to ride. A choice. It doesn't matter what you ride, but it does matter that you ride. It presents the rider to the world to embrace the visceral experience of light, air and space. The ride energizes the soul, heightens awareness of being alive and craving more.

This morning I was aware of the crispness of air and light, the warmth of the light hinting at the slow change from summer to fall. I chose a more rambling route to spend as much time as I could on the road before having to be at work.

The ride home was equally rewarding. The coolness gave way to warmth to create a balmy air and the strong sunlight licked across the goldenrod to produce an electric yellow swath of color.

Even the tin man seemed to come alive in his field. What a fine day to ride, if only for the short trips to and from work.


hrw115 said...

I love the tinman in that field. That farm is so neat. Pretty soon (and I have already begun to see it in the forests when I ride my bicycle) the leaves on the trees will be in full on color change and everything will look absolutely on fire. You should go back and visit the tinman again in full fall and take a picture of him then. :)

irondad said...

I wish my ride to work was that scenic! How awesome it must be for you to just sort of amble on in to the office. I think you and the scooter are philosophical matches.

Steve Williams said...

hrw115: I'll be by that tinman again. It is a nice ride out that way.

irondad: The scooter is a perfect match for my evolving sensibility.... simple, efficient, unassuming. I came across a site with a reference to me and this philosophical match you point out. You might want to have a look.