Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Planning a Trip

As I dream of warmer weather my thoughts tilt towards some kind of scooter trip. I recently purchased a rear rack so I can load more gear onto the scooter---a sleeping bag, tent, pad, backpacking stove, etc. Right now I have my sights set on something north of here, perhaps a trip to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Tioga County. It’s about a hundred miles of rural backroads and beautiful scenery. I’ve investigated some campgrounds but mostly I just want to take a leisurely ride, see the landscape, be alone with my thoughts.

I hear a lot of talk about rallys and group rides but I just can conjure any interest in doing that myself. I like to ride alone. Or maybe with my friend Paul. But the big social events aren’t in my future.

Rode today to do a few errands and then took a swing out around town to see the open fields. This photograph was taken along one of the farm lanes I like to explore….


Gary Charpentier said...

I continue to be in awe of your photography. What a beautiful composition. How do you keep your scooter so clean?

I also share your sentiments about group rides and rallies. The local "scooterati" live for these events, but I always feel constrained in the group setting. The freedom to go where I want, when I want, is my main reason for riding. Two or three friends make for an enjoyable ride, but ten or twenty gets to be a drag.

Ride well,

Maybe that's something that comes with age. Now there's a scary thought...

Ride well,

irondad said...

the clean scooter has to be digital touch-ups, right?

I really identify with your comment about enjoying the landscape and being alone with your thoughts. Groups rides are not my thing, either.

One of my fondest memories is a solo ride over a Memorial Day weekend. This was in 1987. I rode down from Washington and ended up in Brookings on the Southern Oregon coast. I had my Silver Wing ( the bike, not the scooter ), a sleeping bag, a can of Sterno with a small rack, peanuts, M & M's, and powdered soup.

On the coast the RV and camper people were fighting for the last spots in the state campground. An old lady told me about a forest service campground 8 miles up the single track road. I rode up the canyon. The weather got warmer. I found the campground. There were twelve spots and only two were taken, including mine. I camped on a spot that was a bluff overlooking the river. What wonderful solitude. Talk about a golden time!

Enjoy your ride wherever you go!

Steve Williams said...


Thanks for the comments on my photographs. I photograph the scooter almost as much as I photograph my wife Kim. She only gets black & white pictures though.

Kim Project Series

How do I keep the Vespa so clean? That's the magic of a grey scooter. Trust me, its dirty. The fenders, engine, wheels are a mess. You just can't see it. It needs a bath bad.

Scooterati. I like that. I don't think I will ever really get into that social aspect of scootering. I'm too "distant".

Irondad: Not digital touchups. This is pure. All I do is adjust levels, resize, sharpen and save for the web. I'm looking forward to one of those isolated campsites overlooking something. Can't wait to go on my first camping trip. I guess I could go now. Why wait for warm weather?

Because you get warm backpacking. YOu get cold riding. So I think I will wait for warmer weather. At least 40 degree days.

Mad said...

I envy you your trip Steve, I shall have to do a run to somewhere beautiful too soon.
Peak District sounds good right now.

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Steve Williams said...


Welcome to the blog world. I agree, finding blogs is pretty coincidental, for me at least. I do like the things I find though.


I just bought an issue of "Rider" magazine and it describes a trip just north of where I want to ride. It is a very rural area of south west New York. I'm there!